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  • All Legit Websites Are Accepted
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  • Customized Title : All Languages Are Accepted
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Why should you trust our service?

In a risky world of PTC sites, MyTop10PTC offers a safe and reliable space to promote your sites or earn money through PTC links. Starting our journey in March 2020, at MyTop10PTC we aim to be a trustworthy name in the PTC industry. We promote legit websites and businesses on PTC, PTP, Faucet & GPT sites using cheap advertisements and immediate direct referrals. With more than 719+ members and increasing, we are a growing community in the PTC Scenario. If you are looking to present your website in front of a broad audience through PTC sites, or are looking to earn through the internet or PTC ads check out our services offered for your needs.

When it comes to what can you put on our landing page, we are happy to inform you that we again have some good news. You can put anything you want. You can put referral banners, bitcoin banner or anything else you have in mind. Just to make it sound simple and straightforward – you can put anything you want. We believe that we offer the simplest and easiest ways to get your direct referrals for free. We are here to help you with your business. With My Top 10 PTC you can earn money fast and in an easy way.


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Our Services

Being a member of MyTop10PTC, you can use one or both of the two dedicated services related to PTC, PTP, Faucet & GPT affiliation or advertising.

Promote Your Links For Free

In MyTop10PTC, you can create a free landfind page to promote all your affiliate links to any legit and relevant sites, like PTC, PTP, Faucet & GPT sites and others. We offer simple ways for you to earn by cheap advertising and direct referrals. In this membership you will get,

All Your Banners in a Single Page: We offer a simple layout where you can add and organize all your banners in one page. No need to open multiple tabs or any other hassle. Customize these pages as much and as often as you like and update them according to your purpose.

Personal Link to Promote Your Page: Viewers and visitors can get direct access to your page through a personal link that we will provide. This can get more clicks and views on your page and banners. The personal link will also allow you to access your landfind page directly and quickly.

Easy Dashboard: We have a simple user interface. You will have a simple and easy to use dashboard where you can add and edit all your banners any time you want, no special skills needed.

All Legit Sites are Accepted: You can use your banners to promote any websites as long as they are legit, we don’t discriminate. The more you promote, the better it is for your company.

Ergonomic Design: MyTop10PTC has a professional and comforting design which attracts viewers to your page, ensuring more views and clicks.

Customizability: Our landfind pages are 100% customizable. You can build your page any way you want using any language, even using multiple languages if you like. You can also customize other parts of it as much as you like. These pages are here to serve your purposes as you need them.

For this service, you can choose from two types of membership; free and premium. If you are a free member, your page can display a maximum of 6 banners. The page will also contain ads. For premium membership, you will get a hosted page that contains no ads and can display as many banners as you like. Whether you are a free member or premium, we will ensure that you get your free landfind page and start earning direct referrals immediately.

Cheap Advertising for PTC Sites

If you want to promote your business using cheap advertising on PTC sites, this service is for you. We add your sites on referral banners and promote them directly on our homepage. We ensure equal exposure on each banner and that you get the maximum benefit from the lowest cost. If you get this membership, you will get,

Cheap Advertising: We promote your sites at the lowest prices available. You will get deals like, 30000 views at $2; 80000 views at $5 and 170000 views at $10. We believe that we offer a great value bargain within the PTC industry.

Easy Dashboard: You will get a simple and easy to use dashboard to add and edit all your banners at your convenience. You will get complete customizing access to the banners and edit them as much and as often as you like.

Check Your Traffic: MyTop10PTC displays statistical updates on the views and clicks on every banner. You can check the rates and statistics of the views and clicks on all your banners.

PTC Exposure: Your banners will be viewed on a lot of the top PTC and PTP sites. This type of PTC exposure will ensure that your banners and sites get more views and clicks.

All Legit Websites are Welcome: We will promote any website as long as they are legit, no judgment. If your website is legit, it means you are serious about promoting your business. Since we promote your website to a broad audience including users and other PTC and PTP platforms, we like to maintain quality on our side as well.

Immediate Approval: Legit banners will be approved immediately and manually by the admins.

Choose your preferred deal and manage your slots directly from our homepage.

Why MyTop10PTC?

If you use our free landfind pages, you will enjoy advantages like, 100% customizability. You can build and design your landfind page in any way to fit your purpose. It is very simple and easy, no expert skills are required to use our landfind pages, and anyone can add and edit referral links and maintain the page on their own.

Another benefit is MyTop10PTC is completely free. If you are looking for a cheap start on your business or looking to earn a few bucks on the internet, this can be a great place to start.

When it comes to the banners and what you can put in the landfind pages, basically anything as long as they are legit and simple. Whether you want to display a referral banner, Bitcoin banner or anything else, just make sure they are simple and easy for the viewers and put it up on your landfind page.

To Resume

In conclusion, we at MyTop10PTC are here to help you with your business. We believe that we can offer affordable pricing options in accordance with the PTC industry. We also maintain quality by only adding legit sites in the admin. Try MyTop10PTC by promoting your PTC site or referral link and earn money faster and easier.