How Can I Make Fast Money Online With Best Genuine PTC Sites

In this post, we will show you in 3 simple steps how to earn an extra passive income online

1.Register To Our Best Genuine Ptc & Money Making Sites List Very Cheap Advertising

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Most of these geniune ptc websites offer high referrals commissions and thats exactly how you are going to make fast money online.

However,getting unlimited direct referrals is not an easy task, you need to be creative and think outside the box.

2.Create An Attractive Landing Page For Free

From our experience, to get more referrals you need to create an attractive landing page with all your referral links and promote this page instead of promoting individual links.

To build your landing page, you can create your own website if you have IT knowledge or you can use free landing page builders.

Mytop10PTC offers free and premium landing pages for money making websites, you can create your page in 2 minutes with an easy dashboard.

In addition, Mytop10PTC offers High Paying Affiliate commission. So by promoting your landing page you will also earn up to 30% of affiliate commissions from any subscriber who buy premium page or advertise within the website.

3.Promote Your Landing Page & Generate Passive Income

Once your page is ready, it is time to share it and start to make money online from home. there are free and paid ways to promote your page and get more direct referrals. In this post we will focus only on the free ways to promote your landing page without any investment to earn extra income.

1/ Social Media:

Facebook: Facebook Groups are the best way to reach and target people who share the same interests. search for topics like: earning money online from home and write a post with your page link attached

2/ Manual Traffic Exchange:

This is the easiest way to target people looking to earn money online.

Easyhits4u: with over 1,670,227 members easyhits4u is the best Manual Traffic Exchange online,

3/ Cheap Advertising PTC:

Heedyou: offers cheap ptc advertising starting from 1$/6000 views


In this post we showed you a legitimate way to make fast money online: what you need is a landing page with high paying referral commission websites and free or cheap ways to promote your page.

By using this method, you will start to make fast money online immediately.